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How do we work with
Estate Sales?

Estate Home and Property Sales are unique in many ways.

Estate Sales happen at various stages

  • When owners decide to dramatically downsize.

  • When an owner makes a move into a long term care home.

  • After one or both of the owners pass.


It is often an emotional time at any stage and our goal is to make this process as streamlined and easy as possible.


Different types of deeds may need to be used
to limit heir's liability

  • Personal Representatives Deed 

  • Limited Liability Deed

  • Bargain and Sale Deed

This will depend on your special needs and scenario which will be determined at the time of our meeting.  

We work well with Attorneys and Multiple Heirs

A traditional home sale can become a

stressful process...
An Estate sale brings an additional level of emotion and often an increased number of decision makers to the table. 

We have experience working with these added intricacies of Estate Attorneys and Various Heirs in which we are accountable to through this process.  Communication is hyper-critical and we have systems set up to handle this. 


We understand there are various issues which need to be dealt with during this time.

One is deciding how you want to conduct the sale of the Estate home/property. 

There are Pos and Cos to different types of

sales such as :

  • Open Market Sale 

  • Off Market Sales:  builder / neighbor / family

  • Donation of property to non-profits / charity

We can provide you the information, so you can decide which option is best for you, your family and your situation

We can help to streamline the process though the various relationships we have already created:

  • Estate Attorneys 

  • Organizational / Sorting / Packing Professional 

  • Estate Sale Specialists 

  • Home Clean out companies

We are happy to refer you to our network of specialists.

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